3 Latest Technologies that are changing the world in 2019

Hello, want to know the latest technologies that are changing the world? let us look at these 5 amazing technologies that are going to change the future of the world and yes these are most prominent in 2019.

  1. IOT (Internet of Things)

Yes, you listened exactly IOT is becoming the top in this race. There are many physical devices in your home or office, these devices may be smart or may not be. But IOT will make these devices work for you by integrating all these devices so that you can control all these devices from your smartphone at any time. If any abnormalities found in your home or office you can know it and you can control it from the smartphone within your fingertips.

We can say, IOT is nothing but perfect marriage between the physical world and the digital world. now advertisers also using big data and IOT to know the consumer’s behaviour. Everything in this world is smart by using IOT.

2. Cognitive Technology

Is it like a strange word? Not at all. Cognitive technology is one of the parts of Artificial Intelligence. It performs the tasks which require human Intelligence. There are so many examples of this. few of them are Speech recognition and Computer Vision.. etc.

Cognitive technology’s one of the main application is that It automates and Optimises the tasks very quickly. Mainly used in Accounting and Analytics.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Majority of the remaining are the part of Artificial Intelligence only.  We know there is so much Controversy regarding AI, that is the future of human Survival, of course, So many things are going to be automated workforce will reduce but there is so much of scope for the human. Because a machine can have Intelligence but the human has the heart so there are infinite ways to explore human. Businesses and Advertising become more and more automated especially Social media is there, Machine learning is making the customers what they want. People like share and comment on social media businesses understood customer behaviour based on the data available and become more customer friendly.


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